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Plug In, Feel Better

10/14/2019 01:11PM ● By Alesha Damerville

By Alesha Damerville

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS– When attempting to take in all of the exciting activities the Yampa Valley has to offer, it doesn’t take long to feel the wear and tear of going full-throttle in high altitude. When we exhaust ourselves, our immune systems tend to suffer. 

When you’re surrounded by endless outdoor fun, who wants to take a break and be stuck inside recuperating? IV therapy is a tool used by the pros in town to make the most out their adventures in Neverland. 

1.   Boost immunity – Nobody likes to be sick and sometimes we don’t have time to be down and out. Getting an immune system boosting IV with vitamin C, zinc, B-vitamins, glutathione and magnesium can minimize down time by shortening the duration and lessening the symptoms associated with mild colds or other viruses. Timing is key here – as soon as you first notice that scratchy throat, get in ASAP for an IV before that virus has a chance to take hold. If you’ve had lingering cold/flu symptoms for what seems like forever and you can’t’ get back to 100%, that’s also a great time for an immune boost. 

2.   Before any big event– Get on your A-game when you need it most. An IV can boost your energy level, increase immunity, improve your skin tone, increase metal clarity and put an extra kick in your step. You could consider getting an IV right before the holidays, when you know life gets out-of-control busy, and when we maybe don’t take great care of our bodies. Or, before a vacation, work trip or any big event like a wedding, IV is a great way to put your best foot forward. 

3.   Athletic performance– This IV is loaded with magnesium for muscle function and recovery, B-vitamins for increased energy, as well as glutathione and taurine. It will hydrate you and boost your performance. It can also help you recover a lot faster. I recommend getting this IV as close to your athletic event as possible. 

4.   Altitude sickness/hangovers/dehydration– Family members or friends come to visit and, being unacclimated to high altitudes, become dehydrated and fatigued, and suffer from headache or nausea. No need to waste precious time not feeling 100%. “I’ve seen the best and quickest results giving IVs for these reasons,” says Dawn Cook, owner of Replenish IV Therapies. “While I certainly do not condone the over consumption of alcohol, I understand it happens from time to time. A recovery IV can help get you feeling much better fast!”  

5.   Maintain your overall health and wellness– Getting an IV to boost overall health and wellness (when you don’t necessarily feel bad to start with) will not provide the knock-your-socks-off dramatic results that getting an IV for altitude sickness or hangover will provide … but there’s still plenty of reason to get an IV. Busy chaotic lifestyles, environmental toxins, stress, poor diet, excessive alcohol intake and difficulty sleeping can wear on us more than we realize. Pretty soon, we are constantly fatigued and not well. Getting a nice overall healthy hydration and vitamin boost can keep you going strong, reduce stress levels and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Your free time is precious. Recover quickly with IV therapy from Replenish IV Therapies. To learn more, visit

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