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"IV" Feeling Better

09/13/2019 11:47AM ● By Alesha Damerville

By Alesha Damerville

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – If I told you that you could enjoy an evening of debauchery on a work night with no consequences, meaning no hangover, would you believe me? 

If you’re anything like me, you’re hoping I’m telling the truth. Hangovers wreck me and they can sneak up out of nowhere. I can’t even go out on work nights anymore, not even for a couple hours, even when that couple actually stays a couple. The older I get, the worse my body handles alcohol. Being the worst kind of hungover person, I complain about how terrible I feel throughout the entire day – as if my haggard appearance isn’t enough to deal with. But there is a positive aspect to this behavior: other people tend to share how their bodies react to alcohol as well.

While most people I have this discussion with are in agreeance, it turns out, there are people with super-human abilities out there who never get hangovers or even drink. I applaud those people, and, while this blog entry may seem all about alcohol, the subject matter pertains to everyone. 

If you, like me, suffer from terrible hangovers, you’re in luck because in Steamboat, the option to make it disappear exists. Replenish IV Therapies is here to save the day.

While IV therapies may have started as a method to cure ailments including cholera, in modern times, we’re using it to feel better. 

Dawn Cook, owner of Replenish IV and a registered nurse, assisted me through my first voluntary IV. She began by asking a number of questions about how I felt, past medical history, which medications I’m on and a number of other body-related questions to ensure an IV is the right treatment for me.

I was nauseous, with hot flashes and a terrible headache, yet passed her test, leaving me with a sense of accomplishment (despite doing nothing). The course of treatment decided upon was Migraine Headache IV– after a liter of saline, magnesium and taurine, and a B-vitamins shot, I felt like a new woman.

I was nauseous no more, my headache was headache gone, and I was noticably cooler than when I walked in. The bag of saline was around 37 degrees, and as a person who consistently runs warm, I’m elated to find a cool-down option that works from the inside out – all while pumping helpful nutrients through my system. 

Magnesium is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions throughout your body, helps with bone health, the cardiovascular system, diabetes, anxiety, migraines and more. Taurine assists in hydration and electrolyte balance, regulating minerals and immune health, supporting the general function of the central nervous system and eyes. B-vitamins reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Note:  B-vitamins were administered via a shot in the butt – I was worried, but it didn’t hurt. 

Dawn hooked me up with a veritable cornucopia of all the things I needed in my life to better function as an employee and all-around human. One hour of my time was spent in her lounger chair bettering myself. This is one type of self-care I’ll be repeating even without the addition of booze. 

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