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Happy Hour, Every Hour

03/22/2019 01:21PM ● By Alesha Damerville

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By Alesha Damerville

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – “With so many people in the world, I am confident in saying: If you connect with someone on a soul level, you don’t take them for granted.” – Nikki Rowe

Have you walked into a room and instantly felt another person’s energy? It’s only happened to me a handful of times, but I can’t help but think connections like this are sent to us from the universe.

I experienced this recently during the “Thrive Together” Steamboat Springs women’s leadership summit. During the summit, we split into breakout groups and chose to sit in on the discussion of our interest. I chose to visit the topic of masculine versus feminine energy, with speaker Valerie D’Ambrosio.

Within minutes of entering the room, I could feel D’Ambrosio’s energy. The discussion was interactive; we all shared adjectives we believed to be either masculine or feminine.

D’Ambrosio asked women around the room where they fall on the spectrum between masculine and feminine. One woman set all vulnerability aside. She shared that she’s mostly masculine, except when it comes to her love for her child, and that was the moment she began to cry, and apologized. D’Ambrosio took the woman by the hands, then asked how many other women found themselves apologizing for their emotions. Immediately, every hand in the room was in the air. She suggested we stop doing this, as our emotions are our superpowers and should be embraced.

As a person who constantly struggles with relating to my emotions, I knew I needed D’Ambrosio in my life. It was clear I wasn’t the only one who thought so – the line to meet her after the lecture was substantial. Patience has never been a strong suit of mine, but I waited my turn. I happened to be the last person in line. She was worth wait. D’Ambrosio’s eyes light up when she speaks to you, and you can see the goodness of her soul come through. 

She didn’t have much time in between groups, but we exchanged information, and met a few days later.

I have struggled with anxiety and depression throughout my life, and have worked with a number of therapists over the years. I want to try something new to me, and a holistic approach to healing and growth fits that category. Over the last few years, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster when it comes to my mental health, and during the worst of it, I isolated myself. I spent quite a bit of time alone, and pushed away those I care most about – destroying close relationships in the process.

While the worst part has come and gone, the guilt, sadness and judgement I place on myself could easily spiral me back into a dark space. I don’t dig that option, so throughout this blog we will blog explore many ways to focus on creating mental balance.

“Let’s separate two things,” D’Ambrosio says. “In the spirit of anyone, there’s this infinite energy flowing through us, that’s formless and unbound. We also have our personality. Our personality is the things we’ve bought and sold to ourselves along the way – certain ways of being. We live in this human journey, dancing and weaving between the two. Sometimes we’re in spirit and feel light and guidance from the universe. Other times we’re in personality, where you get grouchy, anxious and suspicious.”

We’re tackling one issue at a time. D’Ambrosio asked what my biggest fear is, and I immediately knew answer: failure and rejection.

I’m intimidated by this blog – excited as well – but it’s a huge life change for me. I’m putting myself out there, hoping people will be receptive to it. 

“The thing about rejection that is really cool,” D’Ambrosio says, “is that no one can really reject you. That is their perception or opinion, and you don’t have to take it on and make it yours. The bottom line is, is everyone going to like what you or what you’re doing? No. When we put ourselves out there to help others, then turn and make it about ourselves, we’re no longer living our truth. If you lead from your ‘Why’ and stay steadfast to that, it’s going to help and support staying in your spirit.” 

D’Ambrosio’s passion for positively contributing to the world, while waking people up to their magnificence, is a gift she not only gives to others, but herself as well. She believes we’re all capable of achieving greatness. D’Ambrosio has joined in on this health and wellness mission and will be featured throughout this journey. 

For more information on Valerie D’Ambrosio, visit

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