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Take a Deep Breath

06/11/2020 05:49PM ● By Alesha Damerville

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By Alesha Damerville       

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – I’m just going to say it: Times are stressful. From COVID-19’s quarantines and the state of our economy to the continued racial injustice within a broken system and personal family issues, it’s safe to say my headspace has seen better days. 

I’m not alone in this. It feels like everyone has been suffering in one way or another through most of 2020. Tensions are high, even from home. Social media is a mix of heavy truths and hate. As a person diagnosed with both depression and anxiety, I have to have a daily internal dialogue and affirmations to keep my own energies balanced.

However, that’s often not enough. 

As an Iowa native, I’m grateful to have relocated to a state that views marijuana as medicine. The options available here to help ease depression and anxiety will get you thrown in jail in Iowa, as they categorize marijuana a schedule 1 substance, along with heroin and meth.

I find myself taking a lot of deep breaths lately. The current state of, well, nearly everything, weighs so heavily on me. Exercising and hanging with friends, which are my normal coping mechanisms, were doing little to provide comfort.

Then I remembered the incredible cannabis-infused bath bombs from Coda Signature that I tried a while back that sent me into the ultimate state of relaxation. Before I knew it, I was at Golden Leaf dispensary picking up their Symphony pack, a three-pack of cannabis-infused bath bombs. 

We’re pretty friendly up here in Steamboat Springs, so the budtender and I got to chatting. I gushed about loving the bath bombs and needing to relax, and she suggested I turn it up a notch and add one of Coda’s cannabis-infused bath oils as well for added relaxation. 

I’m not one to turn down a tip from a pro, so I snagged Coda’s Balance, a cannabis-infused bath oil which also doubles as a massage oil. Balance is infused with rose geranium, patchouli and lavender. In case you aren’t aware, all three of those essential oils offer an insane amount of benefits even without the presence of the ever-so-relaxing cannabis. 

Rose geranium is known for its antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-anxiety properties. Patchouli is used to treat dry skin, ease cold symptoms, headaches and upsets stomachs, relieve depression, ease stress and anxiety and can even help curb appetite. Lavender is believed to treat anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, nausea and cramps. 

After mixing the bath oils with cannabis infused bath bombs, I was moments away from taking a dip in a relaxation cocktail. 

I did it up right; lit candles, threw on some relaxing music and dimmed the lights. I couldn’t tell you how long I was in that bath for because I lost track of time, but believe me when I say it was my longest bath to date.  

This bath was so relieving, I took another one two days later. I was so excited about my extreme state of calm and relaxation that I decided I needed to share it with my readers. Literally, everyone in the world could benefit from this bath right now. 

I’m writing this the day after my second bath to report back on my findings. 

Here’s what I’ve got… 

I’m calmer.

I’m speaking softer.

I’m listening better. 

I’m less tense, both mentally and physically.

My energy is full of light and love.

And I’m relaxed. If you know me, you know this is something I can rarely achieve. 

There is a lot of conflict and external pressure right now, so taking a moment to love yourself and promote self-care can work wonders on your state of mind. 

Do you want to feel better? Treat yourself, and head to your local dispensary (if you’re lucky enough to live in a state that allows them) and pick up cannabis-infused bath bombs and bath oil from Coda. Take a step back and de-stress from your current situation, whatever it may be.

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