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Cultivating WonderGrass – The Infamous Stringdusters

02/20/2019 02:30PM ● By Alesha Damerville

Images from The Infamous Stringdusters

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – “Ideally, you’re kind of floating about eight feet above it all, almost as an observer,” guitarist Andy Falco says about performing with The Infamous Stringdusters. “You’re riding this wave of positive energy.”

For over a decade, The Infamous Stringdusters have astounded audiences at venues large and small, including headlining Red Rocks Amphitheater. Falco, along with Chris Pandolfi on the banjo, Andy Hall on the dobro, Jeremy Garrett on the fiddle and Travis Book on the double bass, have made it their mission to spread positivity through their music.  

This extraordinary collaboration has even gone as far as winning a Grammy. “It was a shock. We were thrilled to be nominated, but really didn’t expect to win. It’s such an honor,” Falco says. “It wasn’t only a win for us, but also for our corner of the music world – the jam-grass kind of area that maybe typically wouldn’t be recognized in that way.”

The band is feeling more connected than ever, not only with each other but also with the fans. 

“The WinterWonderGrass event is something that is very unique, and we love it,” Falco says. “It seems to me, their mission is to bring communities of people together in a positive way, in the name of love.”

Playing in the mountains of Colorado in mid-winter offers a series of challenges many musicians may never have the opportunity to experience. “Having a baseball tournament on a field of lava, is how this festival sort of sounded when it first came up,” Falco says. “I wasn’t sure how it was possible, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t challenging, but it really works and it’s inspiring. You’re up against the elements but so is the audience. We’re in it together, and it carries you through the cold. The audience gives so much energy that it warms you up – it’s amazing.” 

“When everyone is together, having a good time and taking care of each other, it reminds us of what the real world is and what we’re capable of as a society,” Falco adds. “It’s important to realize who and what we really are as a society, and it’s evident when you go to an event like this. Everyone is welcome; bring your dancing boots.” 

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photo by ShowLove Media via Fruition

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