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Cultivating WonderGrass – Fruition 2019

02/12/2019 03:00PM ● By Alesha Damerville

photo by ShowLove Media via Fruition

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – “I didn’t realize when I started playing music 30 years ago that that’s what I’d be doing – playing huge concerts in blizzards,” says Kellen Asebroek from the band Fruition as he reminisces about playing the WinterWonderGrass festival for the last six years.  

“It’s cool to have been part of the growth in sharing experiences, locations and bands with the WWG team and the family and friends network we’ve created just through this festival alone – it’s remarkable and beautiful,” Asebroek says. 

“Scotty Stoughton is the beacon of having good ideas and then seeing them through,” he says. 

This statement has been proven true time and again. In 2017, Stoughton, his team and Fruition hopped in a helicopter at Squaw Valley, flew to a mountain peak and shot an impromptu music video for the track “The Meaning” (video below).

Fruition’s time in the WWG circuit has been a whirlwind. “The way they have the festival set up between locations is pretty much the same, even mapped out to the square foot,” Asebroek shares. “After a while, all of these beautiful WWG memories kind of blur and melt together into this WWG soup of good times. You can count on seeing a lot of familiar faces. It’s like comfort food for your ears.” 

Fruition is no stranger to the Yampa Valley. For the third year in a row WWG is playing in Steamboat, and for the third year in a row Fruition is joining them. Their deep connection with the WWG team has prompted this yearly return. “I love playing Steamboat,” Asebroek says. “It’s a little more laidback, and off the beaten path. It is its own little world and I enjoy it.”

Whether you’ve seen them playing on the streets of Portland or playing sold-out music festivals, the connection between the members of Fruition is palpable. Fruition is excited to play WWG Friday-Sunday, Feb. 22-24.

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Images from Fruition

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