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Seminars at Steamboat 2013 Schedule

Discussions of important public policy issues led by nationally known experts taking place this summer.

Profile: Joan Lazarus

Creating the next century at Perry-Mansfield.

Profile: The Brain Trust

Helping make Steamboat smarter, one Seminar at a time.

Profile - Sigi Malinowski

Creating art in the architecture. On the other side of the Sleeping Giant, a one-of-a-kind, rustic home once stood.

Back in the Day

Six Steamboat skiers, from teenager to lifetime devotee, dug out their scrapbooks and put their best memories into words. These are true Steamboat stories from… back in the day.

The Doctor Is In - Dr. Henry F. Fabian, Jr., Spinal Implant Developer

Spinal surgery used to involve inserting bulky rods and screws. Now spinal implants are no bigger than cuff links.

The River Runs ‘Round It

Marvin Meyers has an intimate and ingenious relationship with water.

Women Rocking The Boat - Dr. Sheila Fountain - Empathy, Silliness & Compassion for Kids

Dr. Sheila Fountain has never met a kid she didn’t like. And in her nine years at Pediatrics of Steamboat Springs, Fountain has seen thousands of patients, ranging in age from just a couple weeks old to 21.

Women Rocking The Boat - Kelly Boniface - Transcending All Other Variables

For Kelly Boniface, a typical day at work involves tracing the outline of Emerald Mountain’s warm morning glow as she barrels up and down its trails on her bike. Her goal? To make her profession as much fun as possible.

Women Rocking The Boat - Marsha Daughenbaugh - Making Ag Work

Since Daughenbaugh became executive director of the Community Agriculture Alliance in 2003, those early 4-H experiences and immersion in government policy, process and compromise, have bolstered local ag.