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Julie Anderson Joins Pine Moon Fine Art

05/03/2024 07:10AM ● By Sophie Dingle
Steamboat Springs, CO - Ceramicist Julie Anderson loves a challenge. “I like working from raw materials,” she explains, “but the challenging part that comes from that is that all those raw materials have variations to them. It’s not like paint that comes in a tube and is predictable and always the same color.”

But, she points out, you have to embrace that variation. That’s something she’s gotten better at throughout her years at the pottery wheel and kiln.

Julie discovered ceramics while pursuing a biology degree and art minor at Northland College in Wisconsin. When she graduated, she moved to Steamboat Springs to further explore ceramic art as an intern. Several years later, she started her own business designing and creating custom carved tiles. Eventually, that work evolved into sculptural wall installations and Julie began producing commissioned work for private homes and big-name commercial clients like Saks Fifth Avenue and Marriott Hotels. In 2016, she and her husband – a glass blower – opened Warehome Studios which offers classes and events focused on ceramic and glass making.

This May, Julie joins Pine Moon Fine Art as a guest artist for six months. Her pieces at Pine Moon are structural and abstract with carving details. “Carving is kind of my specialty and I like surface design, like texture in the clay,” she says. Several of her functional pieces will be on display, like olive oil bottles, bowls and plates, as well as her sculptural work which she describes as “sphere shapes on organic forms.” Thanks to her biology background, images and ideas relating to science and nature often present themselves in her work. “Nature has always been something that’s inspired my work and I love working on walls,” Julie says. “I really like being integrated into a home.”

Stop by Pine Moon Fine Art for First Friday Artwalk this Friday, May 3 from 5-8 p.m. to see Julie’s work on display. Or, learn more at her website and follow her on Instagram @julieandersonceramics.