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Jamming with Shadowgrass

02/28/2024 12:07PM ● By Elainna Hemming
(Photo: Shadowgrass will be performing at the 2024 WinterWonderGrass Festival, Mar. 1-3.)

Steamboat Springs, CO - The up-and-coming band Shadowgrass is on this weekend’s WinterWonderGrass lineup. They may be young, but with music stemming from the four members’ traditional bluegrass backgrounds (they all grew up in musically-rich areas like North Carolina West Virginia), they aren’t to be missed. Steamboat Magazine chatted with band members Luke Morris and Madison Morris ahead of their shows this weekend. 

Steamboat Magazine: What do you like most about the bluegrass community?
Luke Morris: I would say the bluegrass scene is a really community-orientated scene, more than other styles of music. There’s so much jamming that goes on, so much getting to know new people, especially at festivals. Even between the band and the people watching there’s not such a wall; it’s a very interconnected community.
Madison Morris: Yeah, everything is so connected. During different festivals we see all the same people. Like for us, seeing the same fans and the same artists is kind of like a reunion every time you go to an event like WinterWonderGrass. It’s really special.

SM: How did you guys decide to start a band?
LM: In 2014, we were honestly just kids that met at a festival. We met at a local fiddler’s convention, which is really common where we all grew up here in Western North Carolina and Southwest Virginia. It was really a band for a competition just to win some money for fun. It just stuck and we all liked each other. 

SM: What are you looking forward to about WinterWonderGrass in Steamboat?
MM: We love Colorado and anything Bonfire [Entertainment]! We played Renewal back in September and they just know how to throw a festival, honestly. It’s just so fun and the lineup for both of them are killer so we’re not only excited to play but also just to catch some other bands and hang with our friends.

SM: Is there anyone in particular you’re hoping to connect with while you’re in town?
LM: The Dusters, for sure.
MM: I’m also excited to see Sierra Ferrell. And our friends Mountaingrass Unit and East Nash Grass.

SM: Is there anything you guys do differently for performing in the winter weather?
MM: That’s a good question, we don’t really know the answer to that yet.
LM: Fingerless gloves are a good idea. It’s been a while since we had a really cold show. I think Hot Hands, fingerless gloves, big jackets and just some prayers. We’re not very good with the cold so it’ll be interesting.
MM: We’re all excited for new experiences like this. 

SM: Do you guys have any plans for Steamboat outside of performing?
MM: For me, I’m not planning on skiing because I’m not good at it, but if there’s a lodge or something I’m just gonna sit and look at the beautiful scenery and probably knit. 

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