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How To Choose A Realtor

02/07/2024 01:42PM ● By Elainna Hemming
Steamboat Springs, CO - According to local realtor Susan Stempel, who works for The Group Real Estate in Steamboat Springs, buying or selling a house is a deeply emotional transaction. For most people, it’s their biggest financial asset and will instigate a huge lifestyle change. The quality of your realtor will determine just how positive – or stressful – this experience will be. Here are a few crucial skills that any realtor should have, as well as some red flags people should look out for.

Green Flags:
1. Market Knowledge: Real estate markets are constantly shifting, especially in Steamboat. Your realtor should not be working part time as they need to dedicate an extensive amount of time to familiarizing themselves with the current market. Experience can play a huge role in determining an agent’s breadth of knowledge.
2. Good Communication: Your realtor should always keep you informed, and thoroughly explain contracts, their own fees and any other important financial decisions. Not only this, but it should be easy to contact your realtor and they should respond in a prompt manner.
3. Rapport: You should feel a sense of trust and connection with your realtor. If the conversations are awkward or impersonal, they might not be the right match for your needs. After all, “real estate is really a people business,” Susan says.

Red Flags:
1. Self-Absorbed: If your realtor seems to constantly talk about themselves in a prideful way, you should be alarmed. Your realtor should listen to you and your needs, not the other way around; the client should be doing most of the talking.
2. Unprepared: Before any meeting, a good realtor will have data ready to present to you. No realtor should seem rushed or unprepared. 
3. Pushiness: Your realtor shouldn’t push you to sign documents without a description or explanation.

Still feeling overwhelmed about all the factors you need to consider? Try using these three tips:

1. Google any potential realtors beforehand to conduct a little research. You can read past reviews and oftentimes view their profile website.

2. Approach meeting a new realtor like a job interview. You’re the employer looking for someone that will complete their job efficiently and effectively.

3. Don’t be afraid to move on. Real estate in general is as much a process of discovery as it is of elimination, and the same goes for your realtor.

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