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Holiday Gift Guide #5

12/13/2023 06:00PM ● By Ski Town Media Staff
Holiday Gift Guide #5: For the 11th White Elephant Gift Exchange You’ve Been Invited To (Under $20!)

Steamboat Springs, CO - It’s the holiday invite tagline we’ve all heard: “bring a gift under $20 for a white elephant gift exchange!” Don’t want to spend money on a coworker you barely know? No clue what to get for your neighbor? Unsure how inappropriate is too inappropriate for your new friend group? If you’re riding in the awkward boat like the rest of us, fear not. Here’s a list of white elephant gifts that are suitable for any get-together.

Steamboat Stickers. If your water bottle or laptop doesn’t say it, how will anyone know where you’re from? Hit any one of the official Steamboat stores either at the base of the mountain or downtown to grab a handful of Steamboat stickers and spread the stoke!

Take the struggle out of finding the perfect gift and grab a $20 City Market gift card. It might be boring but it’s also practical: everyone needs food and gas.

With a majority of the winter still ahead of us, staying warm on cold powder days is crucial. Hand/toe warmers are the perfect gift for anyone who plays in the snow.

ZUMWax. Nothing compares to a pro tune and edge by any one of the local ski tuners in town, but some days you just don’t have the time or energy to commit to a full wax. That makes rub on ZUMWax perfect in a pinch for any ski or board that needs a little extra love.

While skiing is obviously on everyone’s mind, that doesn’t mean your gifts have to stick to a winter theme. Everyone loves a good float down the Yampa on a hot summer day, so hook someone up with a cheap innertube from Walmart!

A Sawyer Mini Water Filter. No doubt we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country that lends itself to amazing summer hikes and camping. Sawyer mini water filters are a backcountry must-have and work great in a pinch!

A bottle (or box!) of your favorite wine. Unlikely to get traded in the swap.