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Community Fit for a Fit Community

10/13/2023 07:02AM ● By Lyla Baker
Steamboat Springs, CO - After going through a serious illness or surgery, some find themselves asking: what’s next? How do I bridge the gap between where I am now and where I can be?  Steamboat Springs local Rebecca Williams has provided a resource in Community Fit, a newly launched nonprofit that provides community members with the tools they need to recover and restore a healthy life.

Rebecca was inspired to start Community Fit while working as a personal trainer, when she saw how many people needed support after experiencing health issues. She also looked back on her father, who she lost to cancer when she was young. As someone who’s always looking to give back to the community, Rebecca decided to create a solution.

“It’s really hard to know where to go and how to get resources,” Rebecca says.  “So we’re establishing a connection between the doctor and the continuation of care that the client needs."

Those resources can include financial help – Community Fit will cover the costs of the client’s needs – or a collaborative care plan that is designed to support the path of the individual client. Plans involve personal training sessions with a specialist, massages, working with dietitians as well as other options that enable the client to maintain a healthy lifestyle – a “whole bigger approach to care,” as Rebecca describes it.

“We are going to talk directly to the doctor to make sure we know exactly what is going on with the client, and then we’ll help them actually implement the plan. They don’t need to make a bunch of phone calls and figure out who they need to go to. We’re going to streamline the process for them.”

Rebecca is hoping to reach as many people as possible so that the organization can fulfill its purpose. Currently, there are Community Fit fliers in doctor’s offices and an introductory video online. However, to expand even further she hopes to add more areas of specialization to the nonprofit’s repertoire, which currently includes orthopedic fitness, cancer exercise and recovery, arthritis fitness, fitness for intellectual and physical disabilities, and osteoporosis fitness.  After recently kicking off a campaign to raise $65,000 to build on these services, Rebecca and her team are looking to launch fully and provide the community with a full scope of practices by January 1.

Rebecca expects Community Fit will add another dimension to the health community here in Steamboat.

“What I see us doing is filling a niche,” she says.  “People ask, ‘Who do I go to if I have this health condition?  Who is qualified to help me get to the next step?’ That’s where we come in – bridging that gap.”

To learn more about Community Fit, visit