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lost range® Finds a New Trend

08/18/2023 07:00AM ● By Steamboat Magazine Staff
Steamboat Springs, CO - On a Friday evening, bartender Ivan Garza mixes cocktails at The Laundry - but some of his most popular concoctions don’t have alcohol in them - they’re mocktails featuring CBD-infused honey from a local company called lost range®.

Co-founded in 2018 by Given Johnson, the company’s emphasis is on producing all-natural, small batch, high potency and plant-based CBD products to support active and healthy lifestyles. With the mentality of “plants over pills,” Given encourages his customers to be more natural within their lifestyles. His products can help with anything from exercise induced pain to anxiety to cancer and anything in between. 

The company’s flagship product is a muscle and joint rub (like an all-natural Icy Hot), and they also include tinctures, topicals, bath products, edibles…and, honey. lost range infuses full spectrum CBD into honey and the feedback has been pretty buzzy. “Anyone who has used one of our products like a gummy or a tincture says the honey has something different,” Given says. “It’s almost like a catalyst. It just blends together insanely well and makes the CBD even better.”

This is the honey that’s used in Ivan’s mocktails and these days, mocktails are the star of the bar.

“If you don’t drink, the CBD gives you a reason to go out with your friends, have a mocktail and still have that social aspect where you’re not just drinking water,” Ivan says. “It has a lot of flavor. With two, you might feel really relaxed, nice and chill.”

These days, Ivan is selling more mocktails than beer. “It’s crazy how fast it’s kicking on,” he says.

Make a Magic Carpet at Home! Ivan is sharing his recipe below:

Add about 10 blueberries, 4 mint sprigs, 1 tbsp of CBD honey (this is about 33 mg of CBD potency) and an ounce of lemon juice to a glass. Muddle - or shake - together and top with soda water.

For more information about lost range, visit their website