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The Queens and Kings of Schmiggity’s: A FRESH Take on Drag

07/14/2023 10:26AM ● By Casey Hopkins
Steamboat Springs, CO - On the evening of June 17th, 2023 with condoms strewn across the bar, audience members stood shoulder-to-shoulder at a full capacity Schmiggity's and got their first taste of Steamboat’s hottest new residency: FRESH. Composed of six original, local cast members, FRESH is Steamboat’s first recurring drag show, happening the third Wednesday of each month. 

“It was amazing for me,” says one performer who goes by the name ‘Madame Sassysquatch, The Rafting Queen.’ “I had not anticipated such a huge crowd so when I first saw everybody I just had to blink for a minute and remember we were there to have fun and that’s what I did. We did what we do best and got on stage and had fun and entertained people. I think it was just a huge success.”

With a line snaking out the door, one by one, each Queen and King took the stage, creating a palpable, exciting energy with the crowd. They performed songs and dances on either side of an intermission, collecting tips from the audience that, along with the $5 cover, were all split evenly between the members of FRESH, allowing them to continue to fund all that goes into making a drag show a success.

After most of the cast met at Cabaret in May, they spent about six weeks preparing for their first night, which consisted of a 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. show, neither shows having the same performances as the other. While some members were able to put on a sort of ‘dress rehearsal’ to get ready for FRESH’s opening night, it was the first time the entire crew had been on stage in front of a live audience together. 

“I think it went so well! I was so shocked at the turnout we had,” says Joe Darling, another performer. “I love being on stage and creating a character while wearing a ridiculous loud costume. I felt like I was being most like myself. I’m excited to grow and see what can come from this. It was planted as a little tiny seed and now it’s grown into a little sprout!”

Joe Darling continues, “I think a lot of people in our little Steamboat bubble might not understand drag or it might seem scary or intimidating. A lot of people think drag is just what they see on Ru Paul, but it’s more than that.”

“We’re trying to teach people that you can be across the spectrum, as our cast is. We’re gay, straight, bi, allies, we're everything,” says Sassysquatch. “We’re not only entertaining but we’re also educating.”

The next FRESH shows will be at 9 and 11 p.m. on Wednesday, July 19th at Schmiggity’s. The 21+ event will cost you $5 at the door. For more information, visit: