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WinterWonderGrass Artist Spotlight - Lindsay Lou

02/28/2023 08:00AM ● By Ski Town Media
(Photo: Lindsay Lou performs at WWG Tahoe 2022. Courtesy of WinterWonderGrass Festival.)

This year, 
WinterWonderGrass will celebrate its 10-year anniversary in Colorado, set to take place right here in Steamboat Springs on March 3-5. Each week, we will be featuring artists who are performing at this year's festival. Get an inside look at what this weekend is like for the artists and bands, and find out what goes into creating an iconic festival. 

Always a Steamboat Springs favorite, Lindsay Lou returns to this year’s WinterWonderGrass ready for a good time. Since her festival in Tahoe in 2018, she’s played at every one since and has dipped her toe into spinoff RiverWonderGrass as well. She says, “I became involved organically as an artist deeply entrenched in the scene that makes up much of the WinterWonderGrass lineup.” Here, she talks with us about what makes the festival so special, her newest EP, You Thought You Knew, and how to stay warm in the middle of WinterWonderGrass.

Ski Town Media: In your opinion, what is it that makes WinterWonderGrass so special and why do you think that you, along with the other artists, all try to return each year? 

Lindsay Lou: WinterWonderGrass is a festival that finds a way to combine the special connection with nature that you experience with something like skiing - and just generally existing in the wintery elements - with the magic of live music. They’re not the only festival to combine nature and music, but they’re special in a few ways: 

1) The design of their infrastructure is equipped to make an event in the elements like this a workable experience. It definitely rides that line sometimes (haha), but they know what it takes to make playing our instruments of wood and wire and steel outside in the winter possible. It’s incredibly impressive.  

2) They make a point to offset their carbon footprint from hosting such an impossible sounding event in creative and intentional ways. 

3) The overarching intention put into vibe curation and messaging is meaningful and impactful. You leave feeling inspired.

STM: Does prepping for your set at WinterWonderGrass differ from your typical pre-show preparations at non-winter/outdoor venues? Do you try to pull inspiration from the surrounding mountain landscape when assembling your set-list? 

LL: Definitely.

STM: From an artist’s perspective, what is the WinterWonderGrass weekend in Steamboat Springs like for you?

LL: It’s like huddling in pockets of warmth with your friends and feeling your toes get cold but having to unzip your layers as you take in the heat of a transcendent musical performance. It’s an opportunity to create beauty in costume out of coziness. It’s cold as hell, but when the sun shines it’s intoxicating and when you stand close enough to your people, the snow seems to lose its coldness. 

STM: Do you have a favorite WinterWonderGrass memory that you can share?

LL: There are actually too many, and some of the best details might not be best for print. 

STM: What’s your best advice for keeping warm during this outdoor winter music festival?

LL: Layers and gear. It’s all about warm socks and boots and quality winter gear. And friends. Stay close to them. 

STM: Which other artists are you most looking forward to seeing perform at this year’s WinterWonderGrass? Are there any other artists that you’re hoping you’ll get a chance to play with?

LL: I honestly can’t remember who’s at which fest or anything. I’ll check a few days before each one and start dreaming up possibilities. Keep it fresh and in the moment. I do know that me, Kyle Tuttle and John Mailander are bound to have some special sets together. John, who Kyle calls “Wildman” is the most tender heart you’ll ever meet, and I’ve been working on a collaboration project with him and his band, Forecast. Kyle and I have also been independently building a strong rapport that’s palpable on stage. The three of us aren’t usually a band, but that’s exactly the sort of intuitive and organic special sauce you expect at WinterWonderGrass. 

STM: You’ve been on tour all of 2022, you released a new EP earlier this year - You Thought You Knew - and 2023 will likely be an even busier year for you. What motivates you to continue writing music and growing as an artist while managing your fast-paced schedule?

LL: It’s like an invisible force from the core that keeps going even when your mind is uncertain. The heart knows what the heart wants.

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WinterWonderGrass 2022, Steamboat Springs, CO. Courtesy of WinterWonderGrass Festival / Molly McCormick.