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Meet the Stars of the Slopes: Gunnar Gilbertson

03/09/2022 01:17PM ● By Dan Greeson

Gunnar Gilbertson, 19 

Nordic Combined 

Trained with Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club 


What do you consider your proudest moment in your sport so far?  

Winning the 2021 Junior Nationals in Nordic Combined.  


What would it mean to you to qualify and compete in the Olympics?

Being able to represent team USA on the world's biggest stage is the dream. But for me it would be more of a mile marker. It would represent all the hard work I have put into skiing and it would be the first step on the path to scoring an Olympic medal. 


What’s it like to have your dad as a coach?  

I don't really think about it as my dad is my coach. I see it as I have a coach, and then I have my dad. We have a nice balance between the two.  


How has growing up in Steamboat factored into your Nordic Combined career? 

It played a huge role in my athletic development. Steamboat is one of the few places in the world where kids get to see Olympic athletes training everyday. The community is always behind the athletes and cheering them on. 


Who are your biggest role models and why?  

Bill Demong and Johnny Spillane are my biggest role models. I grew up watching them compete and also win the first Olympic medals in Nordic Combined for the U.S. I remember watching them win those medals and wanting to win Olympic medals myself. 


Do you have any pre-competition superstitions? 

Always right boot on first. 


Favorite activities off the slopes?   

I love biking, both road and mountain biking. Biking is my go to activity after skiing. 


What do you see yourself doing after you’re done with Nordic Combined? 

I am taking a gap year and will be attending University of Utah next year. I really enjoy being around sports and especially Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined, so I am going to study sports physiology. This will help set me up for a career after my time as an athlete and I can help the next generation reach their goals in sports.