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Meet the Stars of the Slopes: Grant Andrews

03/09/2022 01:11PM ● By Dan Greeson

Grant Andrews, 24 

Nordic Combined 

Trained with Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club 


How old were you when you dedicated yourself to becoming an Olympic-level athlete? 

I began jumping on Nordic skis when I was 9 years old and always wanted to go to the Olympics, but I don't think I actually committed myself to becoming an Olympic-level athlete until I made it on the national team in the spring of 2017. I was 19 at the time. 


What’s the best advice your coach has given you? 

"Don’t think about the results; just do your best and the results will come." Simple, and it took me a while to understand and embrace, but it has helped a lot with competition nerves, especially when results matter for upcoming competitions. 


Who are your biggest role models? 

Growing up my biggest role models were Billy Demong and Johnny Spillane after winning 1 gold and 1 silver, and 3 silver medals respectively at the Vancouver Olympic Games in 2010. They showed me what is possible in the sport and inspired me to pursue my own Olympic dream. 


What is it about the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club that results in so many elite athletes? 

The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club is a great program to grow up in – it keeps the sport fun for as long as it should be, then it begins to push you when people begin to take it more seriously.


What book most inspires you? 

The book that helped me the most in my sport was "The Inner Game of Tennis" by Timothy Gallwey. It helped me learn to not overthink things so much and just do it. I've ski jumped thousands of times now, so why should this specific one be any different – better or worse – than training?