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Mountains of Improvements at the Steamboat Ski Area

11/23/2021 03:10PM ● By Rachel Miller

The Steamboat Ski Area's new loading dock for the gondola, located closer to the slopes than the old terminal in the now-demolished gondola building. Photo by Rachel Miller.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO – There’s no shortage of plans to be excited about at the Steamboat Ski Area, and some of them are already coming to fruition this ski season.

These plans comprise a multi-year project, “Full Steam Ahead,” which is the largest in the resort’s 58-year history. The project is part of a $135 million investment by Alterra, Steamboat’s parent company, to make a variety of improvements to the ski area.

This ski season, the old gondola has been moved further up the hill from Gondola Square to make room for new construction, but it is still fully operational. Tech improvements from last ski season, including convenient ticket kiosks and a mobile ordering system, are still in place. This winter will see the opening of a new Kids Vacation Center location as well as the completion of the Underplaza Promenade Building.

Still to Come

Set to open during the 2022/23 ski season, the Steamboat Ski Area’s new 10-passenger Wild Blue Gondola will be the longest of its capacity in North America, and will improve the resort’s out-of-base capacity from 6,000 to 10,000 people per hour. Other additions slated for the 2022/23 ski season include an ice rink at the base area and a new area for beginners called the Greenhorn Ranch Learning Center.

Set to open during the 2023/24 ski season, Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. has also approved an additional 295 acres in the Fish Creek Canyon area. Added to the previously announced 355-acre Pioneer Ridge expansion for a total of 650 acres of new terrain, this will make Steamboat the second largest ski area in the state.

More details about the Full SteamAhead project can be found at: