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The Boathouse – Gerber Berend Design Build

02/02/2021 11:03AM ● By Gerber Berend Design Build

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Deep in the woods in ski country – with spectacular access to the ski lift – a classic A-frame sat waiting for the right family to find it.

Others said it wasn’t worth keeping. Bulldoze it, they said, and start from scratch. But our clients saw its potential; they saw its heart.

And so did we.

In fact, we saw the house’s structure as its biggest asset. It was rustic, and it felt like Steamboat.

We knew that the multiple levels of the house would work perfectly for a multi-generational family. We could keep cousins’ nighttime giggling well out of parents’ earshot. We could see grandparents’ waking up on a snowy morning to look down over the living space and see their kids and grandkids spread out on the sofas below.

The A-frame lent itself to that kind of family nostalgia.

But we all agreed that the house was more than that, and a contemporary, Scandinavian update would keep this place looking fresh into the future for this family.

So we breathed new life into the A-frame, and the final result was this blend of rustic and contemporary, of cozy and cool.

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