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Take a Trip to the 1920s

01/19/2020 04:16PM ● By Alesha Damerville

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Grasshoppers, Brandy Alexanders, Oysters Rockerfeller, Lobster Thermidor, a Seafood Tour and Chicken a la King – It's possible you've never heard of these classic drinks and dishes that were all the rage 100 years ago. One Steamboat restaurant owner aims to change that. 

On December 18, 2019, the Periodic Table at Catamount Ranch opened its doors, offering an intriguing dining experience like nothing seen in Northwest Colorado before. 

"I thought, ‘What am I going to do to get people to drive out to Catamount," says Phillips Armstrong, proprietor of the Periodic Table, Aurum and Table 79 in Steamboat. "I thought of this concept that has been done one other time by a restaurant in Chicago called Next, where they literally change the restaurant multiple times a year."

Armstrong considered what it would take to achieve that concept, then decided upon a theme: exploring different time periods and locations. The Periodic Table will be open during the winter and summer seasons, and with each changing season patrons will have the opportunity to explore a new period of history in a new location. Expect changing artwork, uniforms, tabletops, plate ware, food, cocktails and wine lists.

1920s New York is the current theme. "It's New York 1920, as authentic as we can possibly be," Armstrong says. This took some research. "We went online to the New York Library archives and found restaurant menus from the ‘20s. We picked dishes that were found all over those menus," he says. "If it wasn't a thing in the 1920s, it's probably not going to be on the menu. You're going to see things you don't see very often."

Going all-in on the concept, Armstrong had to find a chef who could execute it. He hired former Cloverdale-owner, Patrick Ayres, and his former bar manager, Kyle Curell, to properly execute the classic cocktails from the era. 

Stepping into the Periodic Table building sends you into another world. "We're trying to transport you to time and place other than Steamboat present day," Armstrong says. 

Complimentary sparkling wine is poured upon arrival to greeted guests, and specialty martinis and Caesar salads are prepared tableside. The Periodic Table at Catamount Ranch is an experience unlike any other, even after multiple visits.

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