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Building a Dream

01/03/2020 12:34PM ● By Alesha Damerville

By Alesha Damerville

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Our homes are a creative instrument in our lives, an outlet for self-expression. When building a home, creating a relationship with a contractor who shares those feelings makes for a happy partnership. 

In 2011, Beau Christiansen bought a cabinet shop called Rustic Woodworks in Steamboat. Shortly after, he began doing general contracting work under the name Vaussa Construction. "I had a lot of clients who came in and wanted to do a kitchen remodel but didn't have a builder or designer, so we ended up taking that on," Christiansen says. 

“I grew up in construction. My father and uncle owned a construction company," he says. “I went to school for business and wanted to be an entrepreneur. It wasn't until I moved to Steamboat and got back into construction that I got more into design. By need from customers, I discovered that it was something I'm really passionate about."

A passion for design, architecture, interior design and high-end detail has fueled Vaussa. Christiansen finds inspiration from all over the country. He frequently travels to Aspen, Tahoe, Los Angeles, Florida and New York City for the sole purpose of sparking new design ideas.

As of this year, spec homes are Christiansen’s passion. Vaussa has been taking on many high-end, complicated projects, including additions as large as 10,000 square feet.

"We're getting clients from different areas who don't all want a log home on the mountain," Christiansen says. 

"I am strongly passionate about kitchens," he says. "They are the center of the home. That piece is pretty dominant when we think about a whole project. Being able to create a space for a family that is the centerpiece of their home – while still being functional – is exciting to me."

Christiansen’s dedication to his craft means finding just the right materials for each project. "Last week, I was down in Denver with a client and we were picking out countertops that are petrified wood from Romania. They take eight weeks to ship. There are three guys working in a warehouse who put them together, piece by piece, by chiseling off petrified wood and putting them together with stone."

At Vaussa, high-design ideas trump budgets. "When you get that client who wants something interesting, who wants to be creative, those are my favorite types of projects,” Christiansen says. Creating the home of your dreams in the Yampa Valley can be a reality with Vaussa Construction. 

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