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Awaken Your Senses

09/26/2019 02:56PM ● By Alesha Damerville

By Alesha Damerville

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Living in a mountain resort town can have its pros and cons. You tend to find yourself isolated from the outside world in the most splendid of ways, while at times experiencing slight withdrawal symptoms from the accessibility you find living in the city. 

It’s no secret: you don’t always get what you pay for when shopping on the internet. The most important additions to your home are better found in person. 

David Chase Furniture and Design, located in Central Plaza, takes the stress out of decorating your home, by bringing the senses into the purchasing process.

See –Seeing is believing. It’s much easier to gauge whether a piece will be a good fit for your home in person, as opposed to over a computer screen – or worse, over your tiny phone screen. One walk around the showroom and your wheels will be turning.

Touch –Most of the living room furniture at DCFD is customizable. Touch the different fabric options and fixtures. Work with their knowledgeable staff in hand-selecting and creating the piece or pieces your home is missing. 

Sit –Take a seat; the showroom is designed for just that. How is a person supposed to determine comfort level through a screen? While reviews are a handy tool … who can you trust more than yourself? DCFD stays up-to-date with modern motion sofas and comfort sleepers from American Leather. 

Feel –It’s safe to say, we all appreciate the comfort of home relaxation. Bounce from sofa, to loveseat, to chair, to sectional until you find the piece that helps you achieve your maximum comfort level.  

Allowing your senses to drive your purchases versus finding something online has to be the surest way to avoid buyer’s remorse. To learn more about David Chase Furniture & Design, visit

Sincere Services  David Chase Furniture and Design

Sincere Services – David Chase Furniture and Design

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