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The Colorado Snowsports Museum Hall of Fame

02/26/2019 02:16PM ● By Alesha Damerville

Olympic skier James "Moose" Barrows assists a young skier during Winter Carnival's Soda Pop Slalom. Image courtesy of Tread of Pioneers Museum

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS-Thirty-two. That's how many Steamboaters from the ski industry have been inducted into the Colorado Snowsports Museum Hall of Fame.
This list includes coaches, inventors, ski executives and sport-builders of all kinds.

BarrowsJamesMoose1996 MSteamboat  Springs
BeverlyRobertBob 2000 MSteamboat  Springs
CarmichaelNelson  2004 MSteamboat  Springs
CrawfordMarvin Marvin1981DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
DalpesLewis Lewis1979DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
DeveckaMichael Mike1999 MSteamboat  Springs
DiamondChris 2017 MSteamboat  Springs
Dunn-DowningShannon 2016 FSteamboat  Springs
FarwellTed Ted1992DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
FetcherJohn R.John1983DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
FleischerChad 2013 MSteamboat  Springs
HallHenry ChristainHenry2006DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
HowelsenCarl Carl1977DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
KashiwaHank  1994 MSteamboat  Springs
KiddWilliamBilly1986 MSteamboat  Springs
LodwickTodd 2016 MSteamboat  Springs
MerrillMarcellus Marcellus1978DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
PerryMarjorie Marjorie1988DeceasedFSteamboat  Springs
PrestrudPeter Peter1978DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
Rodolph-WyattKaty  RodolphKaty1985DeceasedFSteamboat  Springs
SmalleyPark  2003 MSteamboat  Springs
SpillaneJohnny 2014 MSteamboat  Springs
SteeleJohn D. John1983DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
TempleJames W.Jim2006DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
VanattaLonny 2018 MSteamboat  Springs
WegemanAlvin Alvin1977DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
WegemanPaul Paul1998DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
WernerWallace Buddy1977DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
WernerLoris 2007 MSteamboat  Springs
Werner-WalkerGladys WernerSkeeter1984DeceasedFSteamboat  Springs
WiikSven  1979DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs
WrenGordon Gordy1978DeceasedMSteamboat  Springs