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Visit Like a Local – Adam Grimes

02/06/2019 10:26AM ● By Alesha Damerville

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS- Yampa Valley local and lifelong hunter Adam Grimes shares advice on how to hunt like a pro. 

-           “Hunting in the Yampa Valley is no typical walk in the woods. Visiting hunters should consider the increase in elevation, weight of their packs, the miles they will be walking and the weight of their potential haul. Ten miles a day at 10,000 feet is no joke. In other words, get in shape!”

-           “When it comes to location, there are some options. North Routt, Buffalo Pass, Rabbit Ears, near Oak Creek and the Flat Tops offer great spots to hunt.” 

-           “Like people, animals need food, water and shelter. Hunting in areas rich in the animals’ food source, near water, is a good place to start.”

-           “Elk and deer are nocturnal. You typically have 15 minutes before the sun rises and 15 minutes after the sun sets to shoot.”

-           “Play the wind. Animals, especially elk, can smell from a great distance. Be particular when choosing your direction of approach.”

-           “Turkey hunting is similar to elk hunting: You call to the turkey with a turkey trumpet, they call back, and then you stalk your prey and hope they don't smell you before you get a shot in and blow your cover.” 

-           “Practice safety first and get educated. Don't shoot unless you're sure.”

-           “Don't waste the animal. If you shoot an animal, eat that animal. Take as much as you can from that animal. Respect the life you took.” 

-           “Hunting is important to the ecosystem – managing the herds helps preserve the grasslands. We don't have enough predators in Colorado, so if we don't hunt, the herd population could get out of control. The elk population in our area is currently around 300,000.”

Image from Noah Wetzel

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