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Styling the 'Boat: Domingo Cortinas

07/30/2018 02:14PM ● By Alesha Damerville

By Alesha Damerville

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Domingo Cortinas has been cutting and styling hair from coast to coast for 30 years. From Texan hairstyles to English, French, and Italian ones, he realized early that it would benefit him to pay attention to all hair trends. 

“I realized everything changes, almost daily – one day it’s in, the next it’s gone,” Cortinas says.

Cortinas had originally planned to go to college as an art major. “My brother told me I was going to starve,” he says. “I went to beauty school instead. In beauty school, I realized cutting and styling was an art all its own.”

Cortinas has been with Wildhorse Salon for four years. “He’s always coming up with new ideas,” says Wildhorse Salon owner Christine Brunner. “Domingo often incorporates non-conventional methods into his creations: yarn-weaving, hair-painting and creating unique festival hair looks.”

Spending time in the beauty salon can be a form of therapy for many. “I love helping people out,” Cortinas says. “If you’re having a bad day and go and get your hair done, it makes everything seem a little easier. When your hair looks good, you feel good. Also, there is nothing like having someone else shampoo your hair.”

“When I left Texas, I had to calm everything down a bit,” he says. “Women in Steamboat don’t want their hair quite as big; they prefer a little more natural and laid-back look.”

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