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Jennifer Baker: Concepts From the Box

07/05/2018 01:34PM ● By Alesha Damerville

By Sidney Peterson

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS- The cardboard box lying in the middle of local glass artist Jennifer Baker’s studio is too important to recycle. 

In the past year, Baker has scribbled her creative ideas onto a box rather than onto pieces of paper. With the box, she was able to retain the ideas that often popped into her mind without losing them. Her upcoming exhibit at Pine Moon Fine Art during First Friday Art Walk brings to life the concepts from the cardboard.

It has been awhile since Baker has done a solo show. However, she is no stranger to the Steamboat Springs art scene. She has exhibited her work at numerous galleries in town and around the country.

Over 10 years ago, Baker moved from Ohio to Colorado, and the switch from a hectic midwestern lifestyle to a calmer Western pace has played a significant role in Baker’s artwork and life in general.  

“Moving west, I was finally able to slow down and see those beautiful things that people so easily pass by,” Baker says. 

Living in Steamboat has not only allowed her to slow down, but has also benefited her artistically. The influence of nature and all of Baker’s surroundings is present throughout the entire collection. Her unique compositions range from colorful gardens and gentle rain showers to intense, fiery fall aspens.

Through her art, Baker intends to capture the small, blissful moments of nature. In the piece “Gentle Summer Raindrops,” she creates a dreamy rain scene featuring aspens, crystal-blue water and colorful pebbles. 

“I really wanted to exaggerate the raindrops on the water,” Baker says. “You can see the light rain scattered throughout the piece, and then where it hits the water.”

Every glass piece is an experiment, and encompasses several different processes. There is a science component to Baker’s method, manipulating layers, blending colors and firing in kilns. 

"I’m often asked to explain the process,” Baker says. “But it’s actually difficult to answer because I use multiple processes in my work and often multiple processes in one piece.”

While the specific logistics of each piece may change, she remains consistent in expressing her admiration and appreciation of nature in all of her work. 

“There is definitely a piece of me in all of these pieces. I put a lot of what I see into my work,” Baker says.

The public is invited to view Baker’s exhibition at Pine Moon Fine Art during First Friday Art Walk (Friday, July 6 from 5-8 p.m.), and through the rest of July.