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Momentous Music: Spafford

03/14/2018 03:14PM ● By Alesha Damerville

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS –Music enthusiasts seeking the electrofunk therapy of the band Spafford have coined a new term to describe themselves: “Spaffnerds.”

Image by Tara Gracer

Spafford’s funky sounds offer a little something for everyone, and have inspired music improvisation fans since 2009.

Spafford’s guitarist, Brian Moss, began playing the guitar at 10 years old. “Everything is my influence. Anything that makes a noise. My microwave could be an influence, if it sounds cool,” Moss says.  

Moss joins Jordan Fairless on bass and vocals, Red Johnson on keys and vocals and Cameron Laforest on drums and vocals, creating the sonic exploration sounds of Spafford.

Image from Spafford

“We’re a band of brothers just trying to make music, a career and lives for ourselves,” Moss says. “Lots of things influence us musically: happy people, good friends, good laughs and good hangs. Life is good – we’re here to enjoy it.”

Their methods of producing music vary. “There is always creativity and new stuff that is coming off our fingertips and feet,” Moss says. “We are always going to try to push the boundaries, keep writing and having fun.”

The members of Spafford pride themselves on their onstage spontaneity. “There is a lot of improvisation. We like to try to challenge ourselves to move as one, to seamlessly transition from one song to another,” Moss says. “We are here to let people know there is still living, breathing, real organic music happening out there. 

Image by Tara Gracer

We work toward being able to provide that for them and ourselves. My favorite song to perform is always the newest song because there is so much exploration and new freedom with new songs.”

Spafford is heading to Steamboat Springs to play an already sold out show at the Old Town Pub on Thursday, March 15. “We love playing in intimate venues, you get to bump into the fans and have one-on-one time,” Moss says. “It’s way easier to connect with the fans.”

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