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Steamboat Olympians: Jaelin Kauf

01/24/2018 01:52PM ● By Alesha Damerville

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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS- Jaelin Kauf has worked her way up the ranks in mogul skiing since her first FIS competitions in 2010. In 2016, she landed her first career podium on the World Cup tour, taking home the Rookie of the Year title. Jaelin's success continued in 2017 where she scored her first career win, a World Championships bronze medal and finished the season ranked seventh in the world.

Kauf took a break to answer a few questions with Steamboat Magazine.

S.M. Have you always loved to ski? Was it your favorite childhood activity? 

J.K. I’ve always loved to ski. I grew up with both my parents as professional skiers. My brother and I grew up chasing each other around the mountain It was always a family activity. My dad worked as ski patrol on the mountain and we grew up watching my mom compete. Whenever we could ski ,we were out there skiing. We liked going out with the patrollers on the cat ski, if we could. I always loved it.

S.M. Do you nick-name your equipment, or have any fun quirks surrounding your equipment? 

J.K. I don’t think so. I always wore a specific pair of ski socks, leggings and shirt this year. I wear them for every competition day but I do wash them in between.

S.M. What is your theme song? 

J.K. I listen to Amazing by Kanye West in the start gate, while I’m waiting up at the top before my competition run. That’s probably what I would choose because it’s what I’d want to hear anyways. It gets me excited for my run.

S.M. What was your first job, or your job besides skiing? 

J.K. I don’t a have a job currently. My first job or real job was working at Freshies in Steamboat, I enjoyed that a lot. It’s like a family in there and I could eat the food while I was there.

S.M. If you had a chance to restart your life, would you choose to ski again and the same event?

J.K. I would. I don’t remember anything besides skiing. I learned to ski long before my memories kicked in. I can’t imagine what it would be like not to have it in my life. I don’t think I’d choose a different event, I enjoy all the different aspects of moguls. I don’t think you get that in other events. Mogul skiing is the best combo of all. Speed, air and it is very technical, I don’t think I would change that.

S.M. Who is your role model? 

J.K. My mom. We grew up watching her compete. She was in the x-games, still competing in them when I was a kid. We loved watching her at the x games. I got to stand on the podium with her. It was the coolest experience, she’s really passionate about sports and about women sports. The amount she’s been able to accomplish is admirable and I’d love to be like her.

S.M. I’m assuming you have a strict diet, do you ever just say screw it and binge eat? What do you eat if so?

J.K. I don’t have a strict diet. I don’t put myself on a diet because I don’t want to give up anything. I eat in moderation and I think that’s just as healthy.

S.M. What is something that describes you perfectly? A picture, a song, a word? 

J.K. I would pick faith, confidence and passion.

S.M. Do you get nervous? Do you like being nervous? 

J.K. I do get nervous, I enjoy it. It comes along with sports, it’s more of an adrenaline rush than nerves. With skiing in the gate there are definitely nerves, but also a lot of excitement. I’m never too nervous that I would back out.

S.M. What is the hardest part about your training? 

J.K. The hardest part is the traveling, which is also the best part. I really enjoy traveling around but it’s hard to be away from home, living out of your suitcase for a month. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy it but it’s hard. 

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