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Taste the History with the Tread of Pioneers Museum

01/02/2018 11:29AM ● By Alesha Damerville

Crawford family picnic in 1923. Photo courtesy, Tread of Pioneers Museum

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS- Take a tasty trip through the past with the Tread of Pioneers Museum in the flavor-filled three-part series, “A Taste of History.” The popular event takes place the third Friday of each month, January through March, at noon at the Tread of Pioneers Museum. Now in its third year, the event features food-savvy speakers from long-time local Routt County families, cooking utensils and methods from the past, and delectable dishes from historic Routt County recipes.

“Many of us have a special recipe or meal that was passed down to us by our ancestors that reminds us of our family members or treasured time together at home,” said Candice Bannister, Executive Director of the Tread of Pioneers Museum. “The recipes connect us to the important people in our lives and the generations that came before us.” 

Though a visit to most museums doesn’t typically include recipes and food, as most museums focus on artifacts and historical photos, Bannister wanted to create the museum event because she believes that the history and stories held in family recipes and meals is significant. 

Many of the historic recipes featured at the events are part of the Fair Family Favorites cookbook, a collection of hundreds of Routt County recipes from the last 100 years. The cookbook was created to celebrate 100th anniversary of the Routt County Fair. Nancy Mucklow, who lead the cookbook project, worked with dozens of women all over the county to capture the history of Routt County through its recipes and dishes. Mucklow is also the co-organizer of the museum’s “A Taste of History” events.

A Taste of History Line-Up

·         JANUARY 19, 2018 at noon: “Sourdough and Its Multiple Uses” - Speakers will discuss the history of sourdough, why it was important, how to make a starter, and the many starters that have been in Routt County for decades. Featured recipes and tastings for the audience:  Sourdough Biscuits and Sourdough Bread from the Fair Family Favorites cookbook, and vegetable beef soup.

·         FEBRUARY 16, 2018 at noon: “Cast Iron/Dutch Oven Cooking” – Speakers will discuss the origins of Dutch oven cooking, ways to cook in Dutch ovens, different types of cast iron pots and Dutch ovens, and how these are used to make various recipes. Featured recipes and tastings for the audience:  Mucklow family recipes for Egg Strata, stew and dessert.

·         MARCH 16, 2018 at noon: “Cobblers, Crisps, Buckles, Crumbles & Kringles”- This sugary event will also include a historic apron fashion show. Featured speakers will wear their favorite apron and talk about it and how their mothers and grandmothers wore various aprons for different occasions. Historical aprons from the museum’s collection will also be displayed. Discussion topic is desserts involving crusts and cakes – cobblers, crisps, buckles, crumbles, and kringles – their differences and various uses. Featured recipes and tastings for the audience:  Elaine Gay’s Sarvisberry Cobbler, Nancy Mucklow’s Buckle, and a surprise kringle. Local Steamboat coffee will also be served.


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