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Yule Log Hunt Per Annum

12/11/2017 02:03PM ● By Alesha Damerville

Image from Tread of Pioneers

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS-Today marks the beginning of the 38 year-long Steamboat Springs tradition, the Yule Log Hunt, sponsored by the Tread of Pioneers Museum and the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association. A new clue hinting toward the location of the log will be released each weekday for up to ten days, unless the log is found sooner. 

The three foot long, 25 pound log is hidden within the city limits of Steamboat Springs. It is distinctively marked with the words “Yule Log" and at least a portion of it will be visible from its hiding place. The log will not be on private property, inside of buildings or in areas that charge fees to enter. 

Every year, the clues take participants on a path towards the log’s hiding place; they do not describe the hiding spot itself until the last few clues of the hunt. Everyone is encouraged to solve the clues starting with clue #1. 

When the log is found, the lucky winner should immediately call the Tread of Pioneers Museum, (970) 879-2214 and ask for Candice or Tamra. They will announce the end of the hunt so that others on the hunt do not keep searching. The log must be physically presented to a Tread of Pioneers Museum staff person before the winner will receive the $150 Steamboat Chamber bucks, donated by the Steamboat Chamber. Join the fun, solve the clues, find the log and you will be $150 richer.