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Holiday Hints

11/27/2017 09:19AM ● By Alesha Damerville

Images from Cheryl Foote

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS-Getting your home ready for the holidays can often seem like a daunting task. But getting your place shined up for the season doesn't have to be as much work as you may think.

If your inner Grinch rears its ugly head when you think of all work it takes to keep your home neat, you may just be doing it wrong. Here are a few helpful ways to tackle your housework in a manageable, and dare I say enjoyable, daily routine.

#1: Tackle the Small Stuff

Rather than dedicating an entire day to getting the house in order, why not consider spending just a little bit of time each day straightening up. By making a daily habit of keeping things in order, you'll never again feel overwhelmed with housework again. If you've ever had to navigate through a minefield of clutter just to make your morning cup of coffee then you know how what it feels like to be buried in a constantly messy home.

Focus on starting good habits like cleaning dishes immediately after eating or making your bed each day before heading off to work. By taking a few minutes to tidy before leaving the house each day you can begin to look forward to returning to a clean and stress-free home. And with the raised stress levels that often build during the holiday season, this can be a life-saver.


 #2: Try to Make it Fun

As you prepare your home for the season, try to make the task of getting things cleaned as enjoyable as possible. Throw some Christmas classics in your stereo or iPod and don't be afraid to hum along while you tackle those dust bunnies. Use the task of cleaning as a hidden source of "me time" that you can begin to actually cherish.

And just because it's the holidays doesn't mean you have to confine your listening pleasure to only Bing Crosby. If you haven't had time to read lately, how about listening to an audiobook or possibly your favorite podcast? Anything that can take your mind off the "work" aspect of chores will go a long way in changing your negative perspective on cleaning.


#3: Whittle Down Your List

Take inventory on what needs to get done before your holiday cleaning is done and break it down into manageable, bite-sized tasks. Draw columns on a sheet of paper and divide your list into things that can be done in 15-minutes or less, 30-minutes and things that might take up to an hour to finish.  Then start scheduling out some time and consider tackling no more than two items per day.

This way, even if you begin to fall behind on the things you need to get done, having it laid out before you on one sheet will help reduce your overall anxiety and reduce your stress levels dramatically.

 #4: Strive for Finished, But Not Perfection

Let's face it; we're our own worst critic. But none of your guests this holiday season are going to review your cleaning efforts with such a critical eye. So don't lose sleep over the small details that often bring your inner obsessive disorder to light. Remember that the goal for the holidays is to create a welcoming space that provides both a place to entertain family and guests that you can enjoy in the quiet moments as well.

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