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11/01/2017 04:15PM ● By Alesha Damerville

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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS-In 1980 Wayne Adamo started Fair & Square Construction, with a philosophy to provide a quality product, to promote long-term relationships with customers and to have everyone involved within each project take ownership of their work.

“I feel like we really do live by our name," says Fair & Square's CEO Ron Davies. "Fair: we are fair to our customers, fair to our employees and fair to our subcontractors and suppliers. We understand that being fair is a two-way street so we expect the same in return. Square: we build quality, we build to last, and build 


 to be energy efficient.”

Fair & Square offers preliminary budgeting and value engineering suggestions during the pre-construction process. “We provide a professional approach to building a home which creates a much more pleasurable building experience," Davies says. "We believe in honesty, transparency, and communication. We are sustainable driven, meaning homes will be very energy efficient for low utility bills.”



“We have long-standing relationships with a wide variety of subcontractors that help us deliver both quality and timeliness to our client's projects," says Fair & Square's CFO Bill Badaracca.

But the term Fair and Square doesn’t end with clients. The company is committed to providing fair wages and benefits to employees, covering 75% of health insurance costs to employees along with a simple IRA plan, paid vacation based on hours worked,  and long- and short-term disability insurance.

There are opportunities to advance within the company, resulting in low turnover rates. Employees profit share on every job. With most contracts, a portion of the profit is reserved and is strictly payable at the owner’s option at the end of the project. This performance bonus is then shared with the employees directly involved in the project. 

Fair & Square Construction is committed to every project, to ensure complete satisfaction throughout the building process.

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