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6 Ways to Effectively Stage Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

08/10/2017 03:20PM ● By Alesha Damerville

You don’t have to have hold a degree in psychology to know that a well staged home is more presentable for sale than an overly cluttered one.  But you don’t need a home decorator’s license to do a quality job yourself either.  We know that a home that has been spruced up before being put on the market has recognizable value, which is why they typically sell more easily than non-staged homes. This makes it important for your property to stand out by the time you’re ready to list.

But you do not need costly home staging services for your home to sell quickly. With a few important home-staging tips, you can get your home into selling shape at a budget friendly price. Below are 6 easy home-staging tips under $40 you can tackle yourself to put your property at the top of the buyer’s list.

Home Staging Tip #1: Let Your Entry Shine

It is important to make a good first impression with prospective buyers from the moment they approach your front door. There’s also some time spent at your home’s entry before an agent gets your house opened up for viewing. Most potential buyers tend to stick around the front door as they begin to analyze the property as a whole. Therefore, it is important to have an inviting entrance to help welcome those buyers from the start. A wallet-friendly way to accomplish this is to buy a new welcome mat, often available for as little as $15. In addition to this, consider adding some green in the form of fresh plants to the entry area to show the buyer the home is well taken care of.

Home Staging Tip #2: Arrange Decorative Displays

A decorative display will give off a lived-in and comforting feel to the house. Put together some elegant vignettes such as colorful baskets, plants, books, lanterns, vases and other ornamental items on bookshelves, counters and dressers. Not quite positive how to get started?  Consider grouping items in varied shapes and heights in odd numbers and within the same color spectrum. To keep your cost down, combine items you already have with items easily purchased at a local craft store or resale shop. Check out mobile apps like Pinterest or Houzz for creative ideas in this regard. Such displays will give the home a classy, chic feel that appeals to potential buyers at every turn.

Home Staging Tip #3: Strategic Placement of Mirrors

Every home seems to have that one particular place that just can’t help but come off as a bit dark and drab. To help alleviate a drab feeling in your home, think about placing mirrors in strategic areas of the home such as small spaces lacking natural light or dim hallways. Mirrors enhance the lighting in darker rooms, natural or otherwise, and they give an appearance of more space. Mirrors are especially effective when placed directly across from windows or next to them, as they will help broadcast more sunlight into the space. To give the room an additional “wow factor” you could also arrange collages of different size and shape mirrors on the wall. By placing them together you essentially double the effect on the size of a room. And these mirrors don’t have to be the expensive kind. You can certainly find some decent options for staging purposes at the local discount store.

Home Staging Tip #4: White Linens in the Bathroom

A quick and effective home-staging fix for a bathroom in need of a spruce is to outfit the space with polished, simple white linens. Clear up any clutter such as mismatched towels or a novelty shower curtain and tidy up the washroom with crisp, white accents. White shower curtains, bath mats, and towels are proven to give the bathroom a modern touch that one might find in a luxury spa. Go the extra mile by placing hand towels on the sink or rolling bath towels and stacking 

 them on the bathtub’s edge. Special soaps, candles and decorative flower arrangments also go a long way to enhance that spa-like touch.  When shopping for these items you don’t need to break the bank.  But pay close attention to the visual appeal of the fabrics and select those with a soft look when possible.

Home Staging Tip #5: Simple Artwork

You’ve heard it before but it bears repeating. Buyers want to visualize themselves in the home and personal photographs inhibit this mental exercise. So if you’re looking to get your home sold more quickly, hang artwork in place of any personal pictures. You’ve spent time making your house a home over the years by filling it with family mementoes and portraits of loved ones. But let’s make it easy for the prospective buyer to psychologically do the same. Switch up any of those personal pictures for inexpensive canvas pieces of art or generically colorful wall hangings that can serve as the focal point in a room. These items provide a neutral experience when touring your home and tend to look great in your listing photographs. Generally speaking, paintings of floral motifs, modern shapes or landscape scenes can be purchased for $40 or less per piece at places like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Michael’s or Target. Another clever home staging suggestion in this spectrum would be to put up lush travel images in place of family snapshots. Some home designers prefer using travel image prints to present to prospective buyers a certain lifestyle without getting overly personal.

Home Staging Tip #6: Prepping To Entertain

Our final tip for inexpensive home staging has to do with prepping buyers mentally for how they’ll entertain. Go ahead and set up the serving areas and tables for entertainment purposes to remind buyers that a home filled with laughter, food and friends is the happiest of all. Set the scene and give the interested buyers an outlook of what life will be like as a host in their new home. When professional home redesigners stage real estate properties they always go as far as to set the bar areas and tables. This indicates that the property is prepared for entertaining guests and creating lasting memories. The setup does not need to be fancy or overly done. You can simply put out and arrange solid plates, wine glasses, and napkins on the table of the dining room. If your house has a breakfast bar or kitchen island, consider setting out bowls and mugs to radiate an atmosphere inspired by family meals.

Remember, It’s All About The Buyer

Though it can appear to be a daunting task to get your home decluttered and spruced for sale, don’t get discouraged. Simply following these simple tips can have an incredible impact on how your home shows. The more inviting you can make it the better chance you have of selling quickly and maximizing your sales price.


About the Author:

 Cheryl Foote has been awarded the honor of Steamboat’s Top Producing Real Estate Agent for the last 2 years running. She is a wife and mother of three. Cheryl’s experience in working with buyers and sellers to maximize their Steamboat real estate investments spans over 20 years and has earned her Sotheby’s International Realty top awards. If you’re interested in the Steamboat Springs real estate market, contact Cheryl at 970-846-6444 or visit: