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An Interview with Elephant Revival

06/15/2015 10:10AM ● By Julie McNally

Elephant Revival is a folk band based out of Nederland, Colorado.  Their inspirational music draws the attention of fans across the state of Colorado and the rest of the country.   At Campout for the Cause 2015, held at Rancho Del Rio in Bond, Colorado, Bridget Law and Dango Rose of the headlining band Elephant Revival set aside a few minutes before the show to talk about their home state of Colorado, event sustainability, and environmental causes.


Is there anything that sets your ‘home’ Colorado shows apart from shows when you're on the road?

 Bridget: (with a big smile) Oh yes, it's family here.

 Dango: We really are a Colorado band.  When we travel, we have some great shows all over the country, but we get home and it just makes sense.

 Bridget: People know how to experience our music all over the country but here they do it in a massive group.  You can feel them feeling the music, they've listened to the music, they know the words, but you can feel them just kind of sink in - and when they sink in, we sink in deeper and it's a reciprocal feeling, and that happens on very many levels in our home state of Colorado.

How do you feel about event sustainability?  What would you like to see in the future of sustainable events? 

 Bridget:  Primarily the thing that comes to mind first for me is just waste.  This festival does a good job of using stainless steel cups…what I would really love to see is: people carrying around (their own) containers at festivals, even if it’s something the festival sells or includes with your ticket.  Eco Vessel makes a really good compact one that has a utensil in it.

 Dango:  We're all about ending the single use concept.  Bridget is drinking out of an Eco Vessel insulated canteen right now.  I’m drinking out of my Planet Bluegrass Kleen Kanteen.

 Bridget:  There are options - it really just comes from the people thinking ahead too; but if the festival could help promote that in some way that would be fabulous.

I also really love that there is permaculture here - permaculture design courses, which is such an opportunity to provide information to the people.  There are people here because they want to learn something or gain something.

 Dango:  This festival does an amazing job at bringing that all together.

 Bridget:  I love the yoga too, they have yoga all day and people are just blissed out over there (on the yoga deck)!

Are you involved with other environmental causes other than this festival?

 Bridget: Not directly because it is hard to align with just one, but we have been involved with: Trees Water People, Conscious Alliance…In Buena Vista, Rock the Earth is helping turn Browns Canyon into a National Monument.

 Dango: Also saving the Hesse wetlands in Eldora.  It’s really close to home so we are doing what we can there.  Right now we are really in a big research phase, working with nonprofit coordinators just to get this ball rolling with us, especially with the ability to reach a lot of people.  It's important to us.

 Bridget: It's very important to us, Yes.


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