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Local Knowledge: Murray Selleck

02/20/2015 05:12PM ● By Christina Freeman

Photo courtesy Murray Selleck.

Locals know that springtime and outdoors go together like beer and baseball. Murray Selleck tells us 10 ways to get the most from this dynamic season in Steamboat Springs.

1. Stay in town. Steamboat empties out. It’s quiet and feels like it did when I first moved here in the early ‘80s.

2. Make a left turn downtown. Take pleasure in the simple things like making hassle-free turns on your bike.

3. Take a quick road trip/camping trip to Dinosaur National Monument. While the snow melts in Steamboat, most people migrate to Moab or Fruita. I’ll take Dinosaur.

4. Go skiing on the passes early in the morning. Skiing the crust is a blast. You can ski for miles in any direction; just make sure you get back to the parking lot before the daytime thaw begins.

5. Plan your own getaway after everyone else returns from spring break. Check out the selection of guidebooks and maps at Ski Haus, in itself a favorite pastime.

6. Ski Parkview Mountain, a big ol’ mountain, 12,296’, with a massive east-facing bowl. Located at the southern end of North Park and south of Rand on Colorado 125, this is not for beginners. If you’re avalanche and snowpack savvy, Parkview is an amazing adventure.

7. Go rock climbing at Blob Rock, a great south-facing rock accessed via the Uranium Mine Trail at Fish Creek Falls. The hike alone is worth it, with views of the falls and the Yampa Valley.

8. Go road biking. Racing against spring weather makes you feel tougher than you really are. Spring road biking is great for sustaining delusions about yourself.

9. Watch for the return of the sandhill cranes, prehistoric-looking birds that are a miracle in flight.

10. Solstice: June 21. Start your day by sitting outside before first light and listening to the day wake up around you. Finish the day the same way. Watch the light of day fade into darkness. The solstice is special.

Murray Selleck is the manager of Ski Haus International.