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Kyle Clark Doesn't Care About Your Snow-Covered Patio Furniture

11/27/2013 12:55PM ● By Grant Johnson
Apparently, photos of snow-covered patio furniture just don't do it for KUSA-TV anchor Kyle Clark. After Denver's recent snow storm, he took to the air to chastise viewers who sent an unreported large number of mediocre photos to his station. 

"If we ask you for pictures of springtime, would you really send us a photo of your skis in your closest? No. We love winter. We own winter. So let's see some pictures that look like it next time it snows. Please. I'm begging you," Clark implored.

Of course, in Steamboat we have plenty of more exciting things to take pictures of, from powdery faceshots to majestic elk - there's no way a little snow could keep us inside, snapping pics through the living room window. That said, we're not completely against the occasional pile of snow on a picnic table. What better way to confirm the 5 a.m. snow report? 

Watch Clark's rant in it's entirety below, and feel free to show off your own snowy shots by attaching them in the comments section. Who knows? Maybe we'll even run a contest to find the very best in winter photography.