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Spencer Tamblyn

11/01/2013 11:27AM ● By Grant Johnson

Steamboat Springs, CO -

Q. What are some of your favorite runs in Steamboat?
A. I love Nelson’s Run or Closets on a fresh morning, hiking up to the gates, ripping cords down the Daze or sending it in the Mavericks Halfpipe.

Q. Is there anywhere you consider to be your second home?
A. My travel bags, and ski resorts that are not Steamboat. During the summer, being on a river or in a boat is a second home.

Q. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
A. Do whatever you want to do least, first. Then, each other project or activity can receive the focus it deserves and be enjoyed that much more.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about your sport?
A. Being outside with friends, the adrenaline rush of speed, being in control of your body in the air, and landing a new trick all make the sport incredible.

Q. How did you get into coaching?
A. It was a natural transition. When I was still riding for the SSWSC in the mid 90s, I was helping my then-coach Randy Havens as a coach at his camps in Winter Park. Over the next few years, as I became a pro freestyle rider (competing, traveling, doing photo shoots, etc…), I continued to work as a coach in the spring and the summer at Mt. Hood. I even spent a summer running a program in La Parva, Chile. In 1997, when I suffered an injury and was feeling burnt out on competition, Gene Hamilton (who was the Snowboard Program Director at SSWSC) offered me a job to develop the program’s Freestyle Snowboarding direction.

Q. How do you like to relax?
A. I enjoy fishing, cruising the bike path, wake surfing, shooting pool, ping pong, watching movies and sleeping.

Q. Describe your perfect day.
A. Any day that involves getting stoked on the day’s chosen activity; getting sporty, sweaty or wet; getting scared, then feeling relieved and exhilarated that you survived something dangerous.

Q. What are some favorite places you’ve visited during your coaching career?
A. There are so many great places but I really loved getting to spend time in Innsbruck, Austria; Wanaka, New Zealand; Mt. Hood; Chile; Turkey; Italy…

Q. Besides snowboarding, what is your favorite sport?
A. Lately, I am loving wake surfing. But, over time it has to be tennis. While I was getting into snowboarding in high school, I was spending summer playing tennis. Recently, I played for the first time after a major knee surgery that kept me off the court for over a year. It was awesome. I love playing or hearing it on TV. I have played Taylor Gold twice. We are tied 1-1 and I am looking forward to the tiebreaker. 

Q. Do you prefer small towns or big cities?
A. I like both. I only want to live in the small town vibe, but I love the energy and variety in the city.

Q. What is your favorite summertime activity in Steamboat?
A. Wake surfing, riding my bike and letting fish go back into the river.

Q. What’s your favorite genre of music?
A. Classic rock, rap, classical, alternative, hip-hop, cross-grass.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A. I will be in a small town, in a hot tub, soaking my old bones.

Q. Who is the most important person in your life?
A. My lovely lady Lisa Jacoby, and my family and friends.