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Summer Festivals: A conversation with up-and-comers Bass Physics

06/21/2013 05:38PM ● By Grant Johnson

So did you guys grow up in Colorado?

Luke: Yep, I was born in Fort Collins and then I moved to Denver and then my freshman year in College was the first time I moved out of the state, to Iowa. I missed Colorado pretty quickly!

Colorado to Iowa huh?

AP: I’ve always asked him what that decision was about.

Luke: I played a sport out there, I played football for Iowa State, and then I decided to do music instead. I thought, “Wow, I don’t have to wake up at 5am and go lift weights doing music, I could make my own schedule.”

What’s your favorite thing about Colorado?

Luke: Oh, I love the mountains man.

AP: It’s the mountains, and the people. You go to the east coast and nobody wants to talk to each other, they’re trying to fight each other constantly. Here everybody realizes we’ve got to live in peace and everyone has so much more space here to let their energies flow, you know?

Luke: One thing about the mountains, is going away for six months to a year for school and then coming back here and seeing again them is breathtaking, it’s like seeing them for the first time. It’s also nice when it’s really hot in Denver to come up to the mountains and it’s 20 degrees cooler. You have an exercising space right in your back yard. Hiking is like, the most fun thing to do.

So what’s so special about the culture of bass oriented music here?

Luke: It’s like a lifestyle almost. When you find out what kind of music somebody listens to, if it’s the same as what you like, you connect in a certain way. You know when you meet someone and you have nothing in common? Then you find out they like the same kind of music you do, that’s sweet.

AP: Especially when you meet someone out of state and they like the same music that’s popular in Colorado, you feel a connection with those people.

So do you guys snowboard?

Both: Yes, of course!

What’s your home mountain?

AP: I started skiing at the age of two on Copper, and my dad told me I had to be able to ski the whole mountain before I could snowboard. So by the age of eight I was on a snowboard. Right now my favorite mountain is Breck for mountain riding; my favorite for park riding is Keystone.

Luke: I’m usually a Winter Park/Copper kind of guy, just because I’ve always bought that pass. One of my friends dads owns a bar at the base of Copper, so I kind of got hooked on it because of that.

You guys should come check out the ‘boat!

Luke: I’ve have skied Steamboat before and I liked it a lot. It has the best powder snow.

AP: Steamboat is just really beautiful. I have a friend who has texted me every time you guys get dumped on in the last two years, but I still haven’t made it up there.

Luke: We had a hill near my campus in Iowa, and it really was just a hill. It was pretty much like this little hill we’re on now, covered in ice.

So do you like to ride park more or all-mountain?

Luke: I just like going fast. Going down hill and not wiping out, that’s my thing.

I saw you were wearing a CSU hoodie in your promo video, it’s great to meet a fellow Ram!

AP: Yeah I go there now. I love Fort Collins.

Do you go to shows at the Aggie a lot?

AP: Oh yes, I’ve played there a couple times actually.

Luke: He’s played there like seven times, we were getting saturated up there for a while.

AP: Let’s see, we played with Zion I there, Savoy and Minnesota, oh and Watzky – have you heard of him? He’s up-and-coming.

I’ll have to look him up! So where did you guys all originally meet?

Luke: Music tech lab in high school.

AP: It was a music production class at our high school, Cherry Creek. It’s just a class where you basically learn to use the Garage Band software and that’s where both of us started making music. It was just Garage Band and then we both moved on to Abelton. Then I played in a funk band for about two and half years.

So does your funk experience influence what you do with you set for Bass Physics?

Luke: For sure.

AP: You’ll definitely be able to tell when you hear us. We really just blend as many genres as we can be influenced by and put it all together. There’s definitely a lot of funk influence in our music and you can hear it.

What instrument did you play for the funk band?

AP: I played guitar, piano, and I sang.

Whoa, triple threat!

AP: My singing was a little… well you know, it wasn’t the best. You can actually YouTube Rocky Mountain Funk and see some videos of us playing at Quixote’s. We headlined a show and sold about 200 tickets, which was mainly our friends. Now we are about to go on and play Global Dance Fest at Red Rocks this summer. A year ago I was saying I could die happy once I’ve played Red Rocks, and now the opportunity is on the table, it’s awesome.

There are multiple stages for Global right?

Yes, we’ll be playing on the stage that’s above the amphitheatre seating.

Nice, I know there’s a whole Steamboat crew coming to that festival, so we’ll see you there. You recently headlined your first show, what’s it like to be breaking on to the scene?

Luke: That was on January 9th, it was our first show playing together actually. I’d been going to school out in Iowa and we were working on our tracks the whole time. [To AP] How many shows did you do before that happened?

AP: Seven of them I think. When Luke can’t be there, instead of missing an opportunity I’ll fill in for Bass Physics.

Luke: Since it’s escalating, I’m going to be at every show in the future. Now that we’ve broken in to the scene we need to establish an identity, and it’s going to be the two of us. Eventually I’m going to have to move back here, for sure.

You incorporate some live guitar and keyboard playing into your show, that’s something that’s probably a lot easier to do when you play together right?

AP: Oh yeah, definitely. Right now the way we have it set up, Luke is mixing the tracks, handling the electronics and auto filters and whatnot. That makes it so much easier for me to be able to play an instrument. Before [when playing alone] it was pretty difficult to play an instrument and mix on stage too, and it takes away from the performance when you have to do that. So having Luke there is a huge part of it. Honestly, I don’t like playing by myself any more, it’s not the same Bass Physics.

Luke: It’s Team Bass Physics now.

If you were moving to Mars and you could take one item with you, what would it be?

AP: I would bring a computer and Abelton so I can make some Mars music.

Luke: I would bring a rocket ship, so I could fly back to earth and visit people – see what I did there? You have to visit grandma and you parents and stuff.

Visit Bass Physics online to download their music and find upcoming shows. You can also stream their latest track by clicking the player below.