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How Steamboat Residents Can Assist in the Black Forest Fire Relief Effort

06/20/2013 04:00PM ● By Grant Johnson

Ramona Johnson snapped this photo of the devastation as she and her husband returned to their home on Tuesday

The recent wildfires that scorched the Colorado Springs area mark the worst in Colorado history. Now that the fires are mostly contained, officials are allowing more and more residents to return to their homes. For hundreds of other families, however, it’s a different story. Displaced and devastated by the loss of their homes and valuables, many of these families are relying on volunteers and relief organizations like Tri-Lakes Cares to provide them with the essentials. The best way to support relief efforts is often to donate to such organizations. Tri-Lakes Cares’ Executive Director, Haley Chapin, details the organization’s involvement in the relief effort:

“We will continue to find folks who are in need of filling holes that the insurance company has left, helping to meet deductibles, paying to get new birth certificates, replacing eye glasses, even just stocking refrigerators with condiments and food for those folks moving back to their homes who lost power and therefore lost all the items in the refrigerators and so many more things. As they start to move into new homes/apartments we well be here to help them rebuild. The more we can provide them the more they can save their money for other things. 

We are providing immediate relief in the form of gift cards for things like clothing stores, gas stations, pharmacy expenses and more. We are also providing food and toiletries and are opening our thrift store, Hangers, for evacuees to take what they need for free.”

Chapin also provided information on how individuals can lend a hand in the relief effort. The organization is specifically in need of the following items (in order of importance):

  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Bug repellent
  • Household cleaning items
  • Toiletries

In addition to these materials, Tri-Lakes Cares is also looking for financial contributions and volunteers. 

For updates and more information on the relief effort visit: