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7 FAQs about UNTRACKED our Kickstarter Project

08/20/2012 10:30AM ● By Christina Freeman

These beautiful incentives were created by Steamboat Magazine's talented staff of artists'.

Click on this link to support the project:

By Nate Brothers, Digital Media Director

A couple of excellent questions have come up over the weekend about the project. We will continue to update this list as the campaign progresses.

1. Can I support UNTRACKED if I don’t have a tablet (ipad or android)?

Absolutely. Kickstarter is based on support through backer rewards, which are unique incentives the project creators offer for you to purchase. This is how the money is actually raised with Kickstarter. It’s not a pledge it’s a purchase. We are offering 10 different rewards. Starting with a $5 purchase of the magazine all the way to a $1500 reward that includes all of the incentives we are offering and a Steamboat PowderCats adventure where we will photograph you and feature you in the new tablet magazine.

2. Will I be able to see the content without a tablet?

Unfortunately no. The digital tablet offers an incredible new experience that is powered by both software and hardware. Users of tablets are already tapping, pinching and swiping the screen. It is the interaction that makes the multi-media experiment unique and powerful. This type of magazine experience is problematic on the web and impossible in print. We believe the ability to craft a unique user experience is why this emerging media will be around for a long time. Tablets are continuously improving and becoming less expensive. We understand that this is a very new technology but we also think UNTRACKED will blow your mind. Outdoor recreation in Colorado is all about fully immersing yourself into what you are doing we think UNTRACKED will be a similar experience.

3. How does Kickstarter funding actually work?

When you purchase a backer reward Amazon charges your account and acts as an escrow service. Projects will not actually see any of this money unless the project successfully meets its funding goal with in the allotted time. It is truly all or nothing funding.

4. When will I receive my reward?

You will only receive a backer reward if the project is successful. If the project does not meet its funding goal, Amazon will refund your money. If the project is successful the first edition of UNTRACKED will be published at the end of January 2013 and you will receive your reward sometime in January 2013.

5. How much money are you trying to raise?

Kickstarter’s philosophy is built on producing only “fully-funded” projects. They ask you to come up with a figure that will cover all hard costs and the costs of producing the backer rewards.

$35,000 is the amount that we believe will get UNTRACKED off the ground. This figure includes overhead to pay employees, purchase new multi-media equipment and pursue the stories that we think are beautiful and relevant.

6. How many days do you have to raise the money?

30 days. If you would like to support the project please do it quickly.

7. If you raise more than the goal does the project keep the money?

Yes. Projects base funding goals on the minimum amounts needed for successful production. If a project raises more money than expected; the extra funds go to elaborating the original concept. More money is always a good thing.