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Behind the Scenes of the Women Rocking The ‘Boat Photo Shoot With Makeup Artist Cassandra Kaleikini

08/08/2012 10:27AM ● By Christina Freeman

Cassandra Kaleikini

By Kiersten Henry

Local makeup artist, Cassandra Kaleikini explains what made the 2012 “Women Rocking The ‘Boat” photo shoot successful, and lays out four simple tips for future projects.

  1. Make the woman look natural. “When I do Women Rocking The Boat, I want them to be who they really are.”
  2. Talk them through it. “A lot of women in Steamboat wear little makeup, if they wear makeup at all, so they may be very hesitant towards me. I just explain to them that with pictures, they can look washed out and all that I am there to do is add some highlights or shadows and possibly a little lip color. Usually after talking with them, they are okay with it.”
  3. Make changes after snapping an initial picture. “Usually, I will do the makeup then we will do a test picture and see hothe lighting goes with the makeup. Most of the time, it’s good but sometimes you see something that you may want to hide or highlight.”
  4. Keep track of time. “When I do the shoots, I usually have about 15 minutes with each woman. Since there is no extensive makeup with these shoots, it is really easy to keep on time.