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Behind the Scenes of the Women Rocking The ‘Boat Photo Shoot With Photographer Corey Kopischke

08/08/2012 10:26AM ● By Brian O

Photographer Corey Kopischke

By Kiersten Henry

Professional commercial and wedding photographer Corey Kopischke shares a fetips on hohe created beautiful images of Steamboat’s 2012 “Women Rocking the ‘Boat.”

  1. Find out what the subjects look like before the shoot. This allowed Corey to give the women guidelines on what to wear based on their appearance. (And it obviously doesn’t hurt when the woman happens to be beautiful!)
  2. Establish a controlled environment. Corey prefers studio settings where he can adjust the lighting and doesn’t have to worry about weather complications that inevitably materialize when working outside.
  3. Make the women comfortable. Most people aren’t used to posing in front of a professional photographer so it helps to work in some light hearted conversations and inspire a felaughs.
  4. Hire a makeup artist. Working with makeup artist Cassandra Kaleikini allowed Corey to photograph from angles that might otherwise be unflattering.
  5. Sho the subjects some of their photos during the shoot. Allowing the women to see themselves from the photographer’s perspective helped demystify the process and free up photo shoot anxieties.