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Healthy Living: Ski Season Tune Up

12/01/2011 01:00AM ● By Caroline Lalive

by Caroline Lalive

Steamboat Springs, CO -  Competing and training with the Women’s US Ski Team for 13 years was an incredible experience. One of my biggest challenges was staying healthy during the long winter months. Staying strong throughout the season is imperative for injury prevention. Sarah Coleman describes an exercise to add to your seasonal routine.

Ball Twist on Bosu 

This is similar to a squat on a Bosu ball, with a weighted ball for balance. 

Intro: You’ll need a Bosu ball, or some kind of balance tool as well as weighted ball. 

Step 1 Balancing on blue side of Bosu with weighted ball in hand. 

Step 2 Squat down into a medium range squat. 

Step 3 Rotate your torso around toward the right side, keeping knees parallel. 

Step 4 Come back to standing position. 

Step 5 Extend arms high overhead, lengthening through entire body. Repeat steps 2-5, rotating through the left side. Perform 10 squats with rotations. 

Repeat three times.