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Town Quirks

12/01/2009 01:00AM ● By Anonymous

Winter 2009:

Town Quirks


You’ve made it from ski bum

to resident when…

◗ You put your Widespread sticker on neskis and they’re

actually neskis

◗ Bra means a woman’s undergarment


◗ You shower at your own home, not Health and Rec

◗ You take winter vacations to warm places

◗ It doesn’t take 10 people to pay the rent

◗ An ’89 Saab is no longer the household’s reliable vehicle

◗ You can afford snotires

◗ You still talk to friends who have kids

◗ You get invited to weddings and actually bring a gift

◗ You don’t plan your budget around skis and other gear

◗ Thread count applies to sheets rather than ski jackets

◗ You actually buy beer at free concerts (and don’t BYO to a bar)


(or upside to a down year)…

◗ You can find a bar seat at Slopeside

◗ 150 people apply for the city manager’s job

◗ Your ski pass counts as bling

◗ Employees stick around all year

◗ There’s more untracked powder to ski

◗ You can turn left at a street light

◗ You don’t have to go to City Market at 10 p.m.

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