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Town Quirks

04/01/2009 01:00AM ● By Anonymous

Spring-Summer 2009:

Town Quirks

Tubers vs. Fly fishersIt’s almost here … tubing and fly fishing season. While rubber and flying hooks don’t always match the hatch, the following categories shohothe two stack up head-to-head.                                      Tuber                                     Fly fisherBrings spare:      Liters                                     &nbspLeadersHas fly on:           Boxers                                  Hat brimTrails a:               Cooler                                   NymphAll about:             Basking                                 CastingCatches:              Buzz                                       BugsMust have:          6-pack                                    6-weightTies:                    One on                                    Knots & fliesBounces:           Fanny along bottom             Fly along bottomEnjoys:               Rod & Wheel                        Rod & reelLoves to:            Tip it                                       Use tippet

Other Things that GET CUT - in Routt County    City Council did it. Facing declining sales tax revenues, in March it successfully cut another $2.5 million out of the City’s budget. So City employees and citizens don’t feel alone, following are a feother things that get cut in Routt County:HayfieldsLift (and summer concert beer) linesHair (RIP Family Barbershop)Leg hair on road bikersShohorsesNeutered dogs (and 40-year-old dads with two kids)Softball throws to home baseReal estate commissions

horseshoe of Fu Manchu? Local facial hair aficionados Travis Gainsley and Nate Bird.Locals' Guide to Growing a 'Stachecome Mustache March, you see them on everyone from Steamboat Resorts shuttle drivers to Steamboat Powdercats guides - those hair-lipped facial additions that make women either swoon or puke.  Inspired by these end-of-the-year 'staches, we bring you the following guide to mustaches you might see in the Yampa Valley.