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Town Quirks

12/01/2006 01:00AM ● By Anonymous

Winter 2006:

Town Quirks

Free-Snow.jpgSo you wanna live in a ski town?You better like sweets, because you're gonna need a sugar mama or daddy.Pick your three favorite jobs. You're going to want a dog, preferably a lab or golden named Jackson, Cody, Dakota, Sota, Zirkel or Powder.Bringing a family, or thinking of starting one while you're here? Get the kids signed up for daycare today, even if they're not born yet.Contribute toward a fund for child care instead of starting a 401K.Buy a Subaru.Look forward to shoveling as a part of your daily workout routine.Take up tele skiing.Overheard In SteamboatAt the hair salon"The only thing Steamboat men are committed to is noncommittal."On the chairlift"The number of square feet in a starter castle varies inversely to the amount of time its owners spend living in it."At Health and Rec"We used to talk about après ski. Nowe talk about après surgery."At physical therapy"Hodo you knoyou're on a chairlift with a ski instructor? Don't worry, they'll tell you."At Slopeside"I did something really original this summer. I got my real estate license."Around town"Our snopiles downtown have more vertical than most ski hills Back East."At the barPatron: "Hey, did you have a good summer?"Bartender: "It was TOUGH!"Patron: "Business slow?"Bartender: "No, it was BUSY!"