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Run, Rabbit, Run, 50 & 100-mile ultra marathons

Welcome to the 6th Annual Run Rabbit Run 50 Mile Ultra Marathon and the 1st Annual Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile Ultra Marathon, held in the terrific little town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The 100 Miler starts on Friday, September 14, 2012 and the 50 Miler on September 15, 2012, and both are part of the Montrail Ultra Cup! The races are beautiful bunny hops through the autumn foliage of Routt National Forest and, for the 100, beautiful Emerald Mountain. Low Point, 6,699 feet. High point, 10,534 feet. For the 50 Miler, approximately 9,000 feet of climbing. For the 100, approximately 20,000 feet of climbing. Average elevation probably close to 9,000 feet. 50 Mile time limit: 15 hours. 100 mile time limit: 34 hours for Tortoises, 29 hours for Hares (yup, you gotta be fast to be a Hare!) For the 100 miler, we’re offering prize money, to both Tortoises and Hares! Our resident Pooka Harvey hit a small lottery and has put up the first $10,000. We’re looking to go higher. Much higher. We’re shooting for $100,000! Follow the “Bunny Money” meter!

Date & Time

Weekly on Wednesday and Thursday

08/15/2012 through 08/16/2012


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