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Women Rocking The Boat - Michelle Petix - Matching Mentors with Kids

Michelle Petix was raised by a single-father and remembers seeking out strong, female role models.

Women Rocking The Boat - Marsha Daughenbaugh - Making Ag Work

Since Daughenbaugh became executive director of the Community Agriculture Alliance in 2003, those early 4-H experiences and immersion in government policy, process and compromise, have bolstered local ag.

Women Rocking The Boat - Dr. Sheila Fountain - Empathy, Silliness & Compassion for Kids

Dr. Sheila Fountain has never met a kid she didn’t like. And in her nine years at Pediatrics of Steamboat Springs, Fountain has seen thousands of patients, ranging in age from just a couple weeks old to 21.

Women Rocking The Boat - Susan Larson - Unflinching Attitude

After running Dell UK/Ireland, Larson wrapped up her 12-year-tenure. “Anybody who says you can do it all and not have any guilt or personal conflict, I think, is crazy,” Larson says. Since retiring in 1998, she's gotten involved in philanthropic wok

Women Rocking The Boat - Kelly Landers - Tea Parties to Top-Notch Service

Kelly Landers greets customers at her restaurant with a big smile and an outgoing personality. She and her husband, Jason, have owned Creekside Café since 2002.

Women Rocking The Boat - Dr. Gannet Hallar - Eyes on the Skies

Dr. Gannet Hallar stands at the top of her profession, so it seems only natural that she works at the peak of Mount Werner at 10,500 feet.

Women Rocking The Boat - Sarah Jones - Doin' So Much

Being around Sarah Jones makes you squirm a little at the thought of the empty pizza box that went into the trash instead of the recycling bin last night. That’s not really fair because Jones is not judgmental.

Women Rocking The Boat - Barb Shipley - Making People her Priority

Barb Shipley will look you straight on and share exactly what’s in her heart and on her mind; she hopes you’ll do the same. For her, work – and life – is about connecting with people.

Women Rocking The Boat - Nancy Stahoviak - The County Has To Go On

“The county has to go on,” Stahoviak explains, as if anyone would have phoned in from the ICU rather than miss a meeting. “Besides it was a gravel pit hearing,” she says, half-jokingly.

Women Rocking the Boat

Twelve faces; 12 inspirational stories. Meet a dynamic dozen of local women rocking the ‘Boat with their passionate hearts, sharp minds and generous, gregarious spirits. These 12 women have earned their moment in the Steamboat Springs’ spotlight.