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Empowerment Through Diversity

06/20/2018 03:48PM ● By Alesha Damerville

Images provided by Women of Colorado

By Alesha Damerville
STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Empowered women from all over the state are finding sanctuary within the retreats organized by Women of Colorado.
These retreats encourage ladies with a shared passion for the Colorado wilderness, exploration and adventures outside of their comfort zone to work together and grow individually as well as with the group.
“We all have the power to contribute to other people’s souls and to help others conquer their weaknesses,” says Michelle Abrams, founder of Women of Colorado. “Our women’s community in Colorado is just incredible.”
Abrams believes that women should use their skills to spread knowledge through out the female community. Her goal? To foster a community, brought together through kindness, talents and drive to improve the environment and lives of others. 
These retreats use the community of Colorado as a whole to bring strength, knowledge and fun adventures to participants. “Creating a safe environment for women to learn, get out, try new things and have awesome people around them – that was really my dream,” Abrams says.
Each retreat is custom created and different from the last. “I have such a diverse interest in things,” Abrams says.“I thought, if I could do one thing, it would be everything. Why pick, if you don’t have to? I want to learn all the skills, connect with and empower women.”
Abrams engages her community through social media and encourages feedback and participation when planning the itineraries for the retreats. 
For information on upcoming retreats or more on Women of Colorado, visit