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One Question

11/28/2017 11:22AM ● By Alesha Damerville

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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS-The 2018 Olympics are just around the corner. Olympic hopefuls made time for a Q&A break with the staff at Steamboat Magazine. 

On this edition of One Question, Maggie Carrigan discusses sacrifice.

What is the hardest sacrifice you have had to make for your sport?

When I was eleven I had scoliosis, so I had to get scoliosis surgery. I used to do boarder cross and I wanted to be on the Olympic team for boarder cross, do the halfpipe, and that sort of stuff, but the surgery put a huge hurdle in my way for that. But then I changed sports and was able to accomplish getting over that.

I still have problems with it today because my spine is kinda fused together. But yeah, they told me I could never compete again because jumps are really dangerous for me, but staying on the ground and racing was okay. I kinda found a loophole to do what I love, which is to go fast.

For more on Olympic hopefuls, look for Steamboat Magazine Olympian Edition hits stands in January.